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Another Friday!

Week Two of Summer Session

Monday: okay; slightly less stressed.
Tuesday: mildly stressed.
Wednesday: completely off my game; severely depressed.
Thursday: really good, actually. :)
Friday: completely exhausted.

Average hours of sleep per night: 4
Cigarettes: around 20-25
Cumulative hours spent on math homework: 30 or so

Well. This week's overall mood was less stressful, but generally more down. The reduced stress is due to the fact that my math professor gave us an extra 24 hours to do each day's homework. Wednesday I got my midterm back in that class - I passed, but didn't do as well as I'd have liked, considering the amount of effort I put into it - hence, the extreme depression. I can't take any credit for Thursday's mood; I'm just incredibly thankful that I have insomniac friends who are willing to come cheer me up at midnight when I'm a complete mess.

So this weekend will be spent sleeping (yay!) and cramming for yet another math exam on Monday. Everybody I know here is going out of town this weekend, and so it'll just be me and Jerry (my ipod) and statistical analysis for the next two days. Fun times. Next week is my last full week here; I've got 8 more days of classes (only 5 more of math!) and then I'm blowing this popsicle stand! But right now...*yawn* It's time for a nap.

P.S. Guess who turns 21 (finally) in 29 days!


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