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I hate Wednesdays.

It is not yet 9:30, and I've walked over a mile today; the sun's not even up all the way, and I'm already sweating. I should just be waking up right now - instead, I got up at 7:50. But, I had a meeting with my film professor this morning at fucking 8:40 about my paper topic, and I'm now in a shit mood. Not because of my paper topic, of which he approved wholeheartedly and which I think will be really interesting, but because exactly how much I have to get accomplished in the next seven days or less has just hit me.

I got my second math midterm back. Let's just go with - I passed. Barely. I wasn't really upset, but she handed them back at the beginning of class, and I spent the duration of her lecture calculating what scores I'll need to get on the midterm and the remainder of the homework in order to pass this class with a grade I won't hate myself for. The good news is, it would take a rather epic failure on my part (I'm talking like, around a 35% on the final) in order to drop me to failing.

Kait's To-Do List

1. Math homework assignments #11 (due tonight at 9), #12 (due tomorrow at 9), and #13 (due Friday at 9).
2. Email film professor my thesis/outline.
3. Read 4 chapters (approx. 100 pages) and a 22-page essay for film before next week.
4. Somehow find the time to re-watch (or otherwise review) the following movies: Chinatown, The Long Goodbye, Body Heat, Blade Runner, Blood Simple, The Usual Suspects, L.A. Confidential, and Memento. (Cumulatively, that's 15 and a half hours of film time.)
5. Watch an example of "classic noir" for comparison purposes - part of topic research.
6. The additional research, planning, and actual writing that comes with a fifteen-page paper due in exactly one week and two hours.
7. Performing the miracle of getting above a 70% on my Statistics final, thus securing myself a disgustingly mediocre but solid C in the course, and four GER credits.
8. At some point find the time to eat, sleep, and shower in the next week.

...I am slightly overwhelmed, and really wishing I was still in bed.


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Jul. 30th, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)
Well, its alot to do but you can do it! Summer classes are rough though. The movies though, at least that sounds like fun.
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